Privacy Notice

Data Controller

If you are an individual and you participate in the National Refuse Championships in any capacity then you will provide your personal data (your ‘information’) to us -Refuse Vehicle Solutions Limited of The Yard, Woodend Lane, Cam, Dursley GL11 5HT.

This notice sets out what we do with your information, who we share it with, what your rights are as well as other matters.  Please read it carefully.

Why we process your information

We process your information to register you as a participant, to correspond with you, to administer the event on the day and to publicise the event afterwards.

How we lawfully process your information

We process your information to further our legitimate interests namely the efficient and effective operation of the event; where we are legally obliged/requested to do so; with your consent e.g. the taking of photographs and later publicity, and, where we need to protect your vital interests.

Who might we pass your information on to? 

We may pass some of your personal data (usually photos and your name) on to the NRC Website, Twitter or Facebook page and to industry related media – which can be local and national press.  If you are taken ill we may need to pass your information to the emergency services.

How long will you store my information for?

We will only hold your information for the minimum amount of time we need to. This is usually no longer than 18 months after the event as some photos will be used immediately however some will be used to encourage participation in the event for the following year.

What are my rights?

You have the right of access to your information; to correct any information that is not accurate; to have your information erased or to restrict our processing of it. If you wish to exercise a right or you are concerned about our use of your information, please speak with Event Organiser, Tracy Standing, initially.  If, after that, you are still concerned you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office via